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Our difference :
In this strange labyrinth of consumption of the Himalayas, you have very often only one general idea about mountain ranges. So of course, the famous names as "Everest base camp, Annapurna trekking" function as trademarks of laundry detergent: whiter than white. But the matter what you do not know, what no one dares to say because this is not the seller, is that there are hundreds of walkers who, like you, the poor, rush of their tent or lodge, at 8 o'clock on the dot, after swallowing eggs and full fat bacon, armed with those sticks-Decathlon that have nothing to that of the pilgrim !

And the myth collapses for those who still have a soul of a poet
Those who identify with this need for solitude, far from touristic paths, can click immediately on the page of our Ecotrek.

For others, those who must kill the myth that has been rocked by stories of the passage of the Thorong La, or the arrival at the Lukla airport, we can put our team at your service. We will provide detailed specification sheet at request. Let's face it, our only difference will not be in the trails that are conditioned by obligations of bivouacs or stops in the villages but in our uniqueness with our team of Tamang, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group made up of strong men cheerful, well-paid and well equipped; and our cook, a real pro of < > (Tibetan steamed dumplings)..

 We wish to let you know

- The Dolpo, popular with French, from the film by Eric Valli. Watch out, ladies, not to fall love with the beautiful and proud Tibetan red-turbaned, whom we cross on the track of vertigo where one takes refuge quickly upstream to let go the yaks who are busy to grumble. Do not allow Tibetans to gauge your partner, either. Their morals have nothing to envy us and their laughing freedom can be seen in the prompt daring of their eyes.


- The Mustang, - take care, things get complicated: what will be done to return to our materialistic world if you get lost in the mysticism of the desert where some extraordinary oasis just soothe the thirst for illumination of hermits who still haunt perched caves littering the red cliffs ?