itinerance, walking tours in Southern French Alps

"What an ideal business" ring the naive words of the tourism reps.. but little do they know that in the mountains, it's a different story. The inevitable truth cannot be denied by any mountain connoisseur ; "The more beautiful and isolated the mountains, the more basic and rustic the accommodation, and the more complex and lengthy the transport." Thus the cruel dilemma faced by those who embarked on an adventure into the unknown… complete with power showers and toilet lids: "Comfort or the great outdoors?" But for some, the distance between the bathroom and the bedroom rated higher on their priority list than the distance between one spectacular mountain crest and another. This need for an individual bathroom within minimal proximity to one's bed, posed a problem in our lodges, huts and little hotels.
Our rustic ways of living mean communal washing facilities are the norm. Seemingly, sparkling clean bathroom tiles and mass-produced bidets replaced the breath-taking view of the mountains as part of one's holiday criteria. Would they have prefered 'faulty towers' located just off the motorway with ensuite rooms?

Our favourite proverb, simple but true : "Le montagne, ca se gagne": "The Mountains, they are worth it" and for many, the magic of the mountains surpasses shared toilets and simple lodging. After all, it is said that all roads lead to self-liberation. Our lodges and huts are of a comfort without pretension, giving them their simplicity, their charm and their authenticity.