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OAct on CO2:
What is carbon offsetting ? Carbon offsetting is a way of minimizing your contribution to global warming by entrusting others with reducing some of the CO2 emissions you cannot easily or affordably reduce yourself in the short term. Why is it a good idea ? The most effective way to avoid contributing to global warming is to minimize the CO2 emissions we are directly responsible for by taking less flights, using public transport more etc . This is easier said than done: public transport will not always take us where we want to go CO2 offsetting allows you to minimise your impact on the climate despite being unable to reduce your direct emissions to the level required for the planet to achieve a sustainable equilibrium. How does it work ? You simply entrust us with reducing your CO2 emissions by the amount of your choice.

Biogas program in Nepal:
Since 6 years, we have run an association in Nepal to help in education. In 2010, we have decided to propose our guests to calculate their carbon footprint when th ey come to us.The monney will be used to provide biogas digesters to villagers.

There was a time when Nepal was an extensively forested country. Now, only 29% of forest-cover remains. The main reasons for deforestation have been land clearings, to gain new agricultural land, and the demand for timber and, especially, the demand for firewood. About 87% of domestic energy in Nepal is produced by firewood. Wood is used for cooking and, during winter, also for heating. The need for firewood is not only a burden for nature, but also for women. In true Nepalese tradition, women are responsible for fetching firewood and carrying it home. As the forests disappear, these women need to spend more and more time in finding enough wood, an activity that may take several hours each day.

It's up to us how the story ends.

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Calculate the number of tons your car emits into the atmosphere and offset your impact on the environment by purchasing reductions from the projects we fund in Nepal :
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